Hi Guys!

Welcome to my first post here on my blog Mind. Body. Glow. I’m so happy you’re here and I hope you’ll stick around for a while! Pretty much everyday, especially now that I’m on Holiday break, I prefer to make my own meals/ snacks, 1.) because I really enjoy cooking and seeing what goes into my food and 2.) because I love putting together new recipes to share with you guys! Today my post yoga hunger hit hard and I went with one of my lunch time staples, a Buddha Bowl. Buddha Bowl’s allow you to be creative and pack in loads of nutrients in one bowl. And they’re most of the times pretty photogenic:) I stopped by the grocery store this morning to stock up on some goods for this week so my bowl was fullll. I almost always start with a base of mixed greens. I try to get in my greens anytime I can, preferably every meal if possible. Next, I sautéed some cauli rice, a favorite rice substitute of mine, and kale seasoned with garlic salt and paprika. On top of that, I added cooked quinoa, grilled chicken breast, and two of my new faves, Farmhouse Culture Sauerkraut  and Hope Foods Hummus. Packed with nutrients and most importantly, FLAVOR. Buddha Bowl’s are 100% customizable, so feel free to add/take away anything you like!


Stay tuned for lots more exciting stuff coming soon on the blog!

xx, Lily


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