Hi Guys!

WOW. 2017. Can you believe it?? This past year has gone by in a blink for me personally. Lots of ups and downs and learning experiences that have gotten me to where I am writing this for you today. Growing up as a teenager in the 21st century is seemingly becoming extremely difficult. With Instagram, snapchat or twitter being the first things our eyes land on when we wake in the morning and following us everywhere we go throughout the day, it’s as if its become the new norm to “live” our lives through pictures and communicate through comments. As amazing and beneficial as social media can be, it  suddenly seemed to take a negative turn, increasingly throughout the past year. Unrealistic expectations have begun to flood my generation. Whether it be health, body image, cars, money, overall lifestyle… this begins to quickly shape our expectations for our own lives and when we fail to meet those, we tend to think down on ourselves. I can say, based on first hand experience, there are many times where I have let the ideals of today’s social world get the best of me. Constantly scrolling through Instagram and snapchat quickly led me to compare my life, my health, my body and who I am as a person to these public figures that I consumed all my time researching. One day, I knew I had hit a breaking point. I was sitting in the car on a long road trip back home from family Thanksgiving, reflecting on what a great of a time I had. While reflecting on all the memories I had formed eating delicious food and spending time with the people I love, I felt as though there was something not quite right. Within the next second I opened my phone to continue scrolling and comparing and it hit me. The amount of time I spent over the past few days glued to my phone was nothing short of wrong. I knew I had to make a change quick in hope of starting to create a more positive relationship with myself. A moment later, I was running through my inbox when a new message from The Nutrition Stripped Blog came in. (If you haven’t checked our her blog, give it a visit.. its amazing!). I clicked it open and the subject was “Digital Detox”. I thought to myself, if this isn’t a sign, nothing is! After reading the post, I logged off of my Instagram and Snapchat for 2 weeks. Let me tell you… I’ve never felt more content, present and clear-headed in my life! I was amazed to see how much it really influenced how I thought of myself and my life and how much free time I now had. I won’t bore you with the details of those weeks, but to sum it up, do yourself a favor this new year and take a break. Give your mind and soul the reboot it needs whether that be for an hour or a year! Whatever makes you feel restored and recharged is what your going for.

To branch off of that and why I am referring to 2017 as the year of YOU, I wanted to lightly touch on how beautiful we can make this new year by going in with the right mindset. One of the greatest things in the world to me is a fresh start. An early morning, a new week, month or year…I love the idea of being able to restart, fresh and clean and stronger than ever. The new year is the #1 fresh start in my book! The minute the clock strikes 12, or the minute I wake up on New Years day, (the odds of me making it awake till midnight are SLIM:), is the time when you decide. How do I want to see these 365 days turn out? I know for me personally, resolutions can kinda begin to seem like a burden. I’m all for a strong goal to motivate you to do your best, but the idea of setting yourself to make a life change from one day to another seems like a recipe for failure or disappointment. I know those are two things I don’t want to start off the new year with. So, instead of strict, set-in-stone resolutions this New Year, I encourage you to think about what you want to bring more of into your life. Whether that be self-love, forgiveness, selflessness… Not tangible, intimidating goals. Let’s take this fresh start as a time to build up ourselves and others around us. In this day and age, we’re constantly expected to be like others or to be the BEST. So I’m challenging myself to drop expectations. Stop comparing myself to others, stop setting strict workout routines, stop worrying about what others are eating/wearing/doing. Start listening to and 100% nourishing my body and mind, start only doing exercise that truly fulfills me, start giving myself a break and loving who I am and who I’ll become. 2017 is coming whether were ready for it or not. After ranting here for a while^^ I’m feeling more ready than ever! Lets set our focus off the world and on NOURISHING our mind, body and soul. This year, love YOU. Love who you are in this present moment, love who you’ll be tomorrow and next month. Check back in with your true self, whether with a digital detox or not, and remember who you are without the world’s influence, who is at your core. This year, my hope is that we can all come together, strong, accepting, LOVING, kind… but most importantly, 100% YOU.

xx, Lily

One thought on “2017- The Year of YOU

  1. Wow….I am amazed at the insight, wisdom and maturity I see in you, Lily and I am so proud of you for sharing from your heart.❤


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