Hello Everyone!

Today, I’m thrilled to be sharing with you something that I just recently came up with and hope you really enjoy! A huge part of Mind Body Glow is my social media, and specifically Instagram. If you don’t already, check out my page for daily posts of everything I’m loving. (The Mind Body Glow Instagram) So, since I know not everyone is aboard the Instagram train, I thought what better way to catch you up weekly than by rounding up some of my latest favorites from the past few days? I LOVE the connection Instagram allows me to have with so many people so I’m excited to bring it right here to you! So here goes.. sit back, relax and lets recap!




The most perfect start off to any fresh week… a piping hot butter coffee and a yummy snack for the day! (my new favorite bar!-Thunderbird Bars)



This. Breakfast. I woke up craving a nutrient dense smoothie bowl topped with all the goods and that’s what went down!



There’s something incredibly perfect about a simple breakfast spread to start your day… especially when it involves banana bread and avocado:)



…And the picture doesn’t even do it justice.. This dinner was out of this world! Me and my dad took a daddy-daughter date night to an incredible, clean Korean restaurant and were not disappointed!



I started off this beautiful Saturday with a trip to the local farmers market and couldn’t wait to dive into all the fresh produce I picked up. It was impossible to choose, so I put it all in a bowl and called it a day!

Well folks, that’s all for this week! These past few days were filled with so much good and I can’t wait to continue sharing it with you right here and on Instagram as well! Wishing you all a peaceful and relaxing Sunday. Do something today your body will thank you for this week!


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