Hi Guys!

I’m super excited to announce somewhat of a posting schedule to hopefully keep everyone more engaged with my posts! It’ll allow me proper time in between posts to create quality content that I’m passionate about and proud of. So, keep your eyes set on your inbox every Wednesday and Sunday for the latest and greatest of Mind Body Glow! As I’m beginning to navigate the health and wellness blogging world one step at a time, I’m falling more and more in love with it everyday. I’ve always known I had a thing for this kinda stuff, but it wasn’t until I started to create and connect with others that I truly realized this is what I am meant to be doing at this point in my life…and that’s a pretty wonderful feeling:)

Today, I’m bringing you something that I hope you can incorporate into your daily routine to make 2017 your BEST year yet! I’ve put together a few of my favorite daily rituals that get me throughout each and every day feeling my absolute best. By adding one or two of these, you will surely start to reap the benefits, inside and out. I hope this post can show you how simple taking your health into your own hands really is.. you got this!!

1.) Warm Lemon Water every AM.

So, I know this one is growing soo mainstream but, it is for great reasons. The list of benefits is endless. Every morning as soon as I wake up I head straight to the kitchen, juice one lemon, run some hot water and start sipping. For starters, drinking warm lemon water is a great way to kickstart your digestive system right in the morning. This will help your body to properly digest your food throughout the day and gain optimal nutrients from it as well. It is also an incredible way to re-hydrate your body after a long nights rest, which is vital for a balanced system. Lastly, in result of improved digestion, your skin will thank you too… Lemon juice is packed with vitamin C which is needed for collagen production. A simple change with amazing benefits!

2.) Morning Intention Setting.

This is something that I’ve just recently started incorporating into my morning and still am working on keeping up with but let me tell you, it makes all the difference. Mornings are my sacred time. The world is slow and calm and I cherish that peaceful few hours more than anything! Since waking up early is fairly natural to me, I always make sure to wake up with enough time to prepare my food for the day and have time to relax, sit with my coffee and reflect on the day ahead. I believe that everyday brings its own set of challenges and triumphs, which can often get in our head and start us off on the wrong foot. By sitting down every morning for just a few minutes and thinking of what you want to bring into the day ahead, you create the tone. I’ve grown to LOVE this. It grounds me and allows me to feel a sense of peace knowing that my mind is set in the right direction from square one.

3.) MOVE your body daily.

The dreaded. I know this one seems to be a given, and it is! Exercise is absolutely vital for a healthy and happy body. Now, I’m no personal trainer, but I do know that your body will 100% feel more energized and balanced when your stat adding any physical activity to your day. So, I’m not saying go run six miles and hit a cross fit class as a cool down.. of course, all of our bodies are unique and respond to different forms of movement in various ways, so, find what makes you feel your best and do your body the favor! It will thank you, I can promise that. If you’re new to this, start slow! There are endless ways to get up and move.. dance, walk, hike, bike, a quick yoga flow. Whatever works best for you, do it! Again, no need to go crazy everyday, but make an effort to get up and move everyday, whatever that is to you!

Well, that’s all for now! I hope this gave you an idea of just how simple healthy lifestyle changes really are. Together, lets become the best versions of ourselves today and everyday! Wishing you all a beautiful rest of your week, check back in Sunday:)




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