Hi Everyone!

Today, I’m writing to you from my back porch, basking in the 75º sunshine. I can’t complain. This beautiful weather has me inspired to get outside and fill my body with fresh, beautiful food..so thats exactly what I’ve been doing! As I was brainstorming on what I wanted to write about today, I instantly knew the answer. These past few days, I’ve been feeling incredibly inspired by some of the amazing women in the Health and Wellness world. As I dive deeper into it everyday, I discover just how powerful these women are and the impact they’ve created to thousands of readers, including me. I strive to achieve even half of what these ladies have someday. Their passion for what they do shines through and inspires me tremendously! I’m grateful to have the opportunity to follow them and can’t wait to share them with you… So, here we go!


Kelly LeVeque–

I first found Kelly on Instagram and instantly clicked follow. Her feed is bright, beautiful and awesome for wellness freaks. Kelly is a holistic nutritionist, health coach and wellness expert based in Los Angeles. She is know for being the “Nutritionist to the Stars”… some of her most know clients being Jessica Alba, Evan Peters and Kate Walsh. To say the least, she knows her stuff! Kelly helps clients improve health, develop goals and gain a better understanding of whats really going on in our bodies; something important to know! Kelly curates beautiful recipes using only the freshest, real ingredients. Her overall passion and knowledge drives me to learn more about our incredible bodies and how to treat them just right! Check Kelly’s website out here.


Sophie Jaffe–

This beautiful mama of two truly does it all. Wellness expert, certified raw foods chef, yoga instructor, blogger… she’s living the dream! She also runs a wellness company, Philosophie, that has a wide variety of super foods with the goal of making optimal health as approachable and attainable as possible. What drew me into Sophie initially were her incredibly powerful instagram posts’. Do yourself a favor and check her out.. Her words motivate me not only as a yogi and health advocate, but as a young woman growing up in the crazy world we live in today. She has a way with words that connects to me and that I look forward to reading daily. Along with her multitude of business ventures, she’s an incredible mama to two beautiful young boys. You can check out Sophie here.


Amanda Bacon–

I first came across Amanda when listening to a podcast and was instantly fascinated. Amanda is most well-known for the creation of her plant-sourced alchemy company, Moon Juice, with the goal of bringing beauty and wellness to everyone. Moon Juice has multiple stores throughout California filled with all the wellness goodies you could imagine…nourishing powders, juices, tonics, organic snacks.. the list goes on. But I’m here to shine a light on the leading lady behind the brand. Amanda is a mama, wellness expert, world-traveling chef, and passionate food educator. She studied the powerful benefits of raw, medicinal foods in result of a hyperthyroid condition she had struggled with since her teenage years along with multiple food allergies. By creating and adding her products to her own life, she noticed an incredible shift in her health and is now sharing her products with the world! Check out Moon Juice here.


So, there you have it..A quick look at how incredible these powerful women are. Make sure to check them out, I hope you’ll feel inspired too! See you next week!


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