Hi Everyone!

Happy Sunday! I hope you all had time to relax and do what you love this weekend. Every Sunday, I make sure to hit my favorite grocery store, Central Market to pick up everything I need for the week ahead. Now, my haul varies depending on what I have the next week but there are a few staples that always land in my cart. So, to give you an idea of what a typical sunday in my cart looks like, I’ve listed my top 10 staples I can’t live without. Here goes!

1.) Fresh Bread-

To me, there is truly nothing better than a fresh loaf of delicious, wholesome bread to start the week on the right foot. My go-to lately has been the Multi-grain from Central Market’s bakery.

2.) Lemons-

Lemons are something I use daily. In the morning, I always start with my warm lemon water. I also use them for simple vinaigrettes or to preserve cut avocado!

3.) Onion, Shallot & Garlic-

Now, I know this is technically 3 items, but I use them together so often that I think of them as being one unit. To me, these ingredients are the perfect flavorful base to any dish. I make sure to have these on hand so I can grab them whenever I need.

4.) Apples & Pears-

Fruit is a staple in my kitchen. Every morning I wake up craving some kind of fruit, so I always make sure I’m fully stocked. These also make perfect mid-day snacks, as they are easy to grab and take on-the-go.

5.) Avocados-

An obvious choice… avocados always are the first thing to land in my cart. Packed with flavor and healthy fat, I make sure to snack on these daily!

6.) Kombucha-

Kombucha is a new staple for me. I’ve always heard all the rave for it but have just recently gotten into it. This (Health Ade) brand is my absolute favorite!  They offer a wide variety of delicious flavors that are incredibly good for your body.

7.) Greens-

Greens are essential for lots of my cooking. To me, they are one of the simplest ways to incorporate loads of nutrients into any dish. I prefer to have mixed greens, arugula, kale (for smoothies) and romaine on hand.

8.) Grass-fed, Pasture-raised Butter-

Yes, you read correctly.. butter! Butter is something long shamed for being unhealthy and unnecessary but, if you’ve every tasted butter, you most likely disagree! This flavorful kitchen staple is something I use in many recipes. Now, not all butter is made the same. I make sure to get grass-fed, pasture-raised butter to ensure the highest quality and nutrition possible.

9.) Pasture-raised eggs-

I typically eat eggs every few days, if not daily. They’re a nutrition powerhouse and a blank canvas for flavor. My personal preference is organic, pasture-raised. Their flavor is incomparable!

10.) Grape Tomatoes 

Tomatoes are a new favorite of mine. They’re perfect with eggs, to top a fresh salad or to snack on throughout the day. I love the vibrant color and flavor these little gems offer!

I hope you enjoyed this quick look inside my grocery cart this week. Wishing you all a restful and relaxing Sunday/ week ahead. See you soon!


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