Hi Friends!

So happy to be back! Last week was super busy so I wasn’t able to get out a new post but here we are! Hope your Sunday is going well… I started mine off with an amazing yoga/ breathwork / meditation class at the South Congress Hotel; the best way to set the tone for a positive week ahead! Today, I wasn’t exactly sure what to post but lately I’ve been focusing a lot on creating good content for my Instagram, which I know many of you don’t always get to see. So, I wanted to do a quick roundup of some of my favorite posts from this past week. Hope you all enjoy!

Lunch today.. A loaded Macro bowl:)

The dreamiest coffee and juice shop today post-yoga at the South Congress Hotel.

Breakfast this AM… Fresh and classic.

Mid-Week smoothie goodness. This creation was too good!

When we hit 90 degrees here in ATX… cold kombucha it is!

The perfect start to any day!

My new obsession… Chocolate hemp milk and Espresso Latte.

xx, Lily

2 thoughts on “Top Instagram’s of The Week

    1. Yes! It’s 1-2 shots of espresso and a chocolate hemp milk from a local juice store– the ingredients are purified water, dates, hempseeds, raw cacao, Madagascar vanilla and himalayan sea salt. just combine and blend together! let me know if you have any more questions!


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