Hello Everyone!

Happy Sunday! I hope you’re all having a great weekend. This past week, I was thinking over what I wanted to post today and it didn’t take long for me to decide… Spring Cleaning! I know… the dreaded. This isn’t the spring cleaning you would expect, although as a self-proclaimed neat freak, tidying up your spaces is always a good idea, especially with the start of a new season:) Today, I’m here to share with you five simple ways to “Spring Clean” your diet and lifestyle. I love a fresh start, so cleaning up just a few things for spring sounds perfect to me! I hope you can begin to incorporate these steps into your life and start this season off on the right foot-

1.) Drink more H20-

How many times have you heard this one?? I know, I may sound like a broken record but, this is truly one of the simplest and most beneficial changes you can begin anywhere, anytime. By adding more water to your day you promote better circulation/ digestion, improvement of skin complexion, naturally flushing out your bodies toxins and boosting your immune system… just to name a few. So the minute you finish reading this, grab your water! Having a cute water bottle never hurts so here are some of my faves!

Swell Bottle






2.) Focus on the GREENS!-

Throughout the past few months, I’ve made a conscious effort to incorporate some kind of greens into each of my meals. Whether it be in a smoothie, salad, on the side… I try to sneak some in whenever possible. Greens are extremely beneficial to our bodies, so packing in as many of them as we can is ideal! Try adding one green smoothie to your day as a meal or snack, a side salad at dinner or scramble spinach in your eggs!

3.) Move More-

Sounds simple right? Until the loaded weekly schedule hits us and the last thing on our mind is gym time. By simply adding 5 minutes of movement here and there you can greatly benefit your overall health. Try stretching when you first wake up, walking your dog around the block, taking stairs over the elevator or parking your car a little bit further from the grocery entrance..:) Little steps in the right direction!

4.) Swap the Refined Grains for the REAL stuff-

One of the most common things I read about while perusing through my fellow health blogs is the negative impact of refined, processed grains on our bodies. Another thing I read is how simple it is to make a healthy swap! By refining grains, the nutritional benefit is significantly decreased and many products can end up containing up to 25 different chemicals. No bueno.  Try switching up your white rice with brown, quinoa, buckwheat, lentils, etc. Swap the white bread for a seed-filled, clean ingredient whole grain loaf.

5.) Relax.-

I know. This “health” stuff can be a little daunting. I hope by giving you these few simple tips, you can begin the journey to a better you, but don’t drive yourself crazy! In my opinion, true health is 50% physical and 50% mental. Take your time, do your best and enjoy the process. No one ever said it has to be perfect so, I challenge you to find what “health” means to you and strive for that over whatever anyone else claims is the right way.


I hope you all enjoyed this post and are having a relaxing Sunday! By adding these simple tasks into your life, I can promise you, you will benefit. Strive for progress not perfection! Wishing you a lovely week ahead!



One thought on “Spring Cleaning 

  1. Lily,

    I REALLY liked this post!  I’m a super OCD spring cleaner with my home and yard, but I never thought about spring cleaning my health!!  I love it!  I think this is such a simple piece of advice that I’ll end remember it for the rest of my life!

    I just got home from a week-long, super-healthy vacation (5 am morning hikes, TONS of alkaline-balanced water, swimming in the ocean, etc.) and am now actually sitting on my back porch having a cup of coffee and eating a stale Krispy Kreme cruller!  How could I sabotage a great week of health?  I started Spring Cleaning last week and didn’t even know it!  YOU are helping me to put the rest of this gross donut down and return to a smart and clean lifestyle.

    Thank you for all your posts.  I might not be able remember all of them, and may not be willing (because I’m lazy!!) to incorporate all of it, but I bet I’m soaking up your advice bit by bit so that maybe I actually WILL be healthier in the long run!  

    Thank you for using your time, gifts and talents to help others, and me!



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