Hi Friends!

August is officially here… which means a fresh start and new monthly intentions!! I love a chance to set different goals and a positive tone going into the month. I truly think it helps me feel more prepared and at ease heading into the future, especially when it’s as hectic as August typically is!

Taking a few minutes to sit down and think about things I want to manifest or accomplish really gets me excited for the month ahead! Now, intentions don’t have to be elaborate, out-of-this-world things… I try to keep mine realistic and approachable to set myself up for success. I hope these inspire you to set your own intentions and make this the BEST August yet!!

1.) Sleep one day a week with no alarm-

I’m a creature of habit…. I like knowing that I’ll be up at a certain time and able to accomplish everything on my to-do list for the day ahead. I typically exercise early in the morning, but also take a few off days per week to let my body rest. I realized that often on the days I had nothing, I was still setting the dang alarm! Yesterday, I slept in ….7:45…late for this one ;), sipped coffee and watched netflix all morning. It was incredibly refreshing and exactly what my body/soul needed. So this month, I’m gifting myself one morning (or however many my body is asking for) of pure relaxation a week!

2.) Read more-

Something that I really enjoy, but rarely make time for. It’s the perfect way to relax and take a breather during a hectic day. I have a stack of books calling my name and this month, I’m committing to making a dent in it!

3.) Promoting more body positivity on MBG (blog and Instagram)-

Everyday, I scroll through loads of pictures of people posting about the latest “fad diet” or “transformation body pictures” or “why you should eat this certain way”… It’s not only exhausting, but really tough to watch people with such a large outreach promoting unhealthy ideals/behaviors. My goal with MBG as a whole is of course to educate and inspire a healthy lifestyle, but more than anything, I want to be a positive light to those around me and future generations to come. I know I would’ve greatly appreciated someone telling me what “healthy” really means (not what society tells us it means) when I was in my most vulnerable stage…and by “healthy”, I mean being at peace with your body, eating what you want when you want, moving in a way that feels good to you and that you truly enjoy, being able to uplift women around you so we can all feel as beautiful and strong as possible. I pray everyday to impact even one person struggling with their relationship with their body or food or exercise. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to a healthy lifestyle, but I sure hope I can be a piece of the puzzle in creating a positive relationship with your body.

4.) Focus on small acts on kindness everyday

I know, this one seem cliché, but it’s one that I want to focus on more than ever. Yesterday morning, I went to an amazing, challenging yoga class taught by one of my favorite teachers. Mid-class, she asked us to come up with an intention to bring into the week ahead. Kindness immediately popped into my head. Simple but perfect. I want to make an effort to make small acts of kindness a part of every one of my days… whether that be a hug and an extra “I love you” to a loved one or holding the door open for the person behind me or paying ahead for the coffee ordered behind me… it’s the smallest things that often mean the most!

Wishing you all a lovely August! I would love to hear your intentions of the month and hope these inspire you as well^. Happy Wednesday friends!


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