Hi Friends!

Well… it’s been a while. This crazy time of year has taken over, so posting on here (sadly) has kinda been on the back burner. But, I’m back today and can’t wait to catch up with you guys!

This past week, my family and I ventured up to the little city of Fayetteville, AR. Now, I’m not gonna bore you with all the details, but to sum it up… I’m pretty positive I found my future home💛. We headed up on Sunday, spent Monday exploring the town, took a campus tour Tuesday and headed home Wednesday.

I really went into it all not knowing what to expect. I had been told over and over “you’re gonna LOVE it!” , but didn’t want to get my hopes up. College tours can tend to be a little overwhelming, but this one felt much different. After seeing all Fayetteville had to offer (incredible food, farmers market, cute coffee shops, beautiful scenery, etc.) I had a sense of ease that I had never felt before. I was blown away! I knew I had come across something reeeaaallly special.

While we didn’t hit all of the spots on our list, we definitely covered a good amount and today, I’m very excited to share a few with you! If you ever have the opportunity to check out Fayetteville, I highly, highly recommend.

1.) Little Bread Co.-

Ahhhh. The perfect little coffee shop. I’ve found it! This place now holds a very special spot in my heart. The minute I walked in and smelled the aroma of fresh brewed coffee and took a look at the rows of fresh baked pastries, bread and bagels, I knew I was in for a treat. Tucked away just off the square, Little Bread Co. is the perfect, cozy spot… I cannot wait to go back! (Picture above is The Kramer on an everything bagel + blueberry muffin + tomato mozzarella quiche)

2.) The Farmers Table-

Farm fresh, local ingredients. Need I say more? The key to my heart. This spot was high on my list to try and it did not disappoint! The overall community vibe and support of local farmers in Fayetteville really amazed me. We headed to The Farmers Table for an early breakfast and enjoyed one of my favorite meals ever. Kind servers, a warm, welcoming dining room and nourishing food. I’m sold! (Pictured above are the AM power oats– Oats, quinoa, seeds, nuts and local, fresh fruit. Not pictured… the MASSIVE, decadent, warm cinnamon roll:)

3.) The Town Square-

If you’ve ever seen Gilmore Girls (aka my all time favorite TV show) and recall the sweet town of Stars Hollow, it really does exist… and it happens to be The Town Square, Fayetteville, AR. I had always envisioned the perfect “small town”… old architecture, cute shops, loads of beautiful flowers, a town clock ringing. And, home to the dreamiest farmers market…3 days a week! I happened to come across exactly that in The Square! This place instantly brought joy to my day and I hope to spend many more sunny mornings there!

4.) Ozark Natural Foods-

Well, this may or may not have been one of the biggest things that sold me on this town… It’s pretty much Whole Foods on steroids. Everything I love and eat here at home all in one spot! It really was amazing and I may be saving all my pennies to splurge there:)


Now, this is only the start of my adventures in Fayetteville. I can’t wait to hopefully share much more ahead, but for now, I hope you enjoyed learning a little more and can check out this town soon!


One thought on “Fayetteville Favorites

  1. Loved your entry today concerning your favorite places in Fayetteville…….I agree that it is a beautiful and special place and we are thrilled that you will be so close to us for the next 4 years. It seems like the perfect fit for you!😊


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