Hi Friends!

Happy October! This month is already flying by. Fall is in full effect, no matter how hot the temperature here in Texas may be… it’s fall in my mind!

As I’ve started to grow my knowledge with food and what makes me feel the best, I’ve realized how much the seasons effect what my body craves. Summer consists of smoothies, lots of light green salads, etc., while fall and winter lean more towards hearty, warming meals. I love the variety seasons and seasonal produce offers in my diet.

Although, one thing that seems to remain constant is my love for creamy, dreamy dairy…. butter, cheese, yogurt, ghee (not technically dairy, but a staple in my diet/ taste like butter’s twin). Dairy has kinda gotten a bad rap… I have never had any issues with digesting it and I thoroughly enjoy it, so it has always been something I’ve eaten pretty regularly.

For quite some time, I strolled through the store going straight for all the “low-fat” stuff I could get my hands on. Little did I know what I was missing flavor, consistency and nutrient wise. Lets get this straight. Fat does not make you fat. My diet consists of a whole lot of fat, something that has made me feel 10 times more energized than ever before. It works for me and my body, so I’m all for it.

I’ll quickly go over some of the basic benefits of full-fat dairy… Lower risk for diabetes, a happier, healthier heart, better digestion, keeps you fuller longer. Fat is also essential for brain function. 60% of our brain is made up of fat, so it is vital for proper function and cognition… a.k.a if you’re doing anything using your brain at any point in the day, healthy fat is a must.

Also, for all my foodies out there… compare a good, thick, creamy whole-milk yogurt/cheese or a slice of toast slathered in butter to some sad low-fat milk/yogurt. To sum it up, there is absolutely no comparison.

Below, I’ve listed some of my favorite full-fat recipes/ products.

Wishing you all a lovely fall week ahead!


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