(Disclaimer,this post is totally spur of the moment, so forgive me of any spelling/ grammar errors 🙂

Well, well, well. 

It’s been a while. 

I know, I know, I have some explaining to do… 

while I would love to bore with you the details of my absence, I’ll save you from that and just keep it short. The past couple months, I’ve been the definition of BUSY. When people said senior year in high school would be insanely busy, they weren’t joking. Every day is full and even more so as I continue into the next few months with graduation, summer travel and then that really big thing hanging over my head… college.

I’m filled with a mix of emotions that range from ecstatic to sad to anxious to hopeful, all new yet somewhat expected. This next chapter in my life is what I’ve been told will be the “best years of my life”, which is pretty cool to think about and definetly helps with the transition. But, we’re not quiet there yet. So for the time being I’m promising myself to try my best to get back to writing, something that is very important to me. 

Throughout my time away, I’ve had the opportunity to reflect and think about what I ultimately want for this blog. I’m not gonna lie, I change my mind and my likes and what I’m into on the daily…but one thing that I never fail to fall back to is food and cooking and cooking for people and pretty much anything that revolves around it. Nothing, truly nothing brings me more joy than the art of cooking. If you know me, you know I’m borderline obsessed with Bon Appetit (food mag). I draw a tonnnn of inspiration from it and think it would be pretty awesome to work there one day…fingers crossed ! 

One thing I love about the mag is the how they consistently show the beauty of food and people around the world. There is one thing that connects literally everyone on this earth, and that is food. It brings us together and brings joy and love and comfort into our life and one of my goals in life is to travel the world and expierence food in each part of the world. Pasta from Italy, a fresh baguette from France, Pazole from Mexico and so on. While I’m hopeful the day will come where I do get to travel to those places, as of now, I’m sitting here in Austin,TX one of the greatest food meccas in the US, and I don’t plan on wasting my last few months here. So, as of today, I’m setting myself a bucket list of all the delicious local restaurants I want to try and all the recipes that I’ve been dying to cook and making the most of the little time I have left at home. And don’t you worry, I’m taking you guys with me. 

The last few months have been a time of incredible transformation for me. I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs, but I’m in a great place that brings me a lot of joy on the daily. While I might not be eating as many salads or smoothies as I did in the past, I am filled with more happiness and peace than I ever have been before. My journey with food hasn’t always been easy and I have a lot of growing to do in the future, but living a life filled with queso and bread and burgers and the occasional green juice is just what works for me in this moment… and I’m excited to share as much as I can with y’all. 

Cheers to a new chapter of The Mind Body Glow.


2 thoughts on “Aaaand I’m Back.

  1. YAY….you’re back and we’ve missed you so much but we knew you would be really busy winding down your senior year and preparing for college. However, we are thrilled to hear that you are in a happy and peaceful place in your life and we look forward to going along with you on your journey, even from afar!! Welcome back, my sweet Lil…….🌺❤️🌺

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