Hi! My name is Lily Young and this is my health and wellness blog, Mind, Body, Glow. I am incredibly passionate about living a healthy lifestyle in all areas of your life and making it as approachable and fun as possible! Focusing on nourishing my mind, body and soul is something that fills my days and with a long love for writing, I thought what better way to channel that than through this right here, my little corner of the web. My goal is to provide you with recipe’s, tips and tricks to living as your best, most nourished, glowing self, inside and out.

I’m born and raised in my true happy place, Austin, Tx. Austin is overflowing with health, wellness, fitness, amazing food, and some of the most soul nourishing people around. I am so lucky to be able to call this place my home and I hope to share as much of it with you as possible.

You are only given one body on this earth and it is your job to give it the love it needs to help you live as your best self. I hope to spread positivity, self love, wellness and most importantly, I hope to help YOU find your Mind Body Glow.

(Thats me in the middle!)