New Favorite Things

Hi Everyone! Hope your weekend is going well! Today, I'm excited to share with you some of my new favorite natural beauty products. I've off and on struggled with finding products that are affordable, good quality and actually work, but recently I've come across a few I'm loving! If I'm being honest, I really don't [...]

August Intentions

Hi Friends! August is officially here... which means a fresh start and new monthly intentions!! I love a chance to set different goals and a positive tone going into the month. I truly think it helps me feel more prepared and at ease heading into the future, especially when it's as hectic as August typically [...]

5 Good Things

5 Good Things

Hi Friends! Another Sunday means another note from me in your inbox:) I hope your weekend has been relaxing! I've really been focusing on taking some time to rest, eat good food, spend time with family, etc. and couldn't be more grateful for it. When brainstorming on today's post, I realized just how great this [...]

Simplifying Super Foods

Hi Everyone! I hope your holiday weekend is going well! Today's post is short and sweet, but one that I hope many of you find helpful. I've come to realize that while chia seeds, hemp seeds and maca may be common words in my vocabulary, this isn't the case for most! The whole idea of [...]